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Archaeologies of African American Life in the Upper Mid-Atlantic brings together cutting-edge scholarship from both emerging and established scholars.

Analyzing the research through sophisticated theoretical lenses and employing up-to-date methodologies, the essays reveal the diverse ways in which African Americans reacted to and resisted the challenges posed by life in a borderland between the North and South through the transition from slavery to freedom. Veit have gathered new and nuanced perspectives on the important role free and enslaved African Americans played in the region’s cultural history.

Chlorine-36 can also be produced through muon reactions.

Muons are negatively charged, short-lived particles that are produced by high-energy cosmic ray reactions.

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Due to their own negative charge, chloride ions do not adsorb onto these silicate surfaces and therefore move at approximatley the same rate as the groundwater.

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After the emission of other particles to lower the energy state, the final result is either a stable element or a long-lived radioactive isotope.

Roughly two thirds of atmospheric Chlorine-36 can be produced in solid materials on the surface of the earth in three ways: spallation reactions, muon reactions and thermal neutron adsorption.

In addition to extensive archival research, contributors synthesize the material finds of archaeological work in slave quarter sites, tenant farms, communities, and graveyards. This collection provides scholars of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, African American studies, material culture studies, religious studies, slavery, the African diaspora, and historical archaeologists with a well-balanced array of rural archaeological sites that represent cultural traditions and developments among African Americans in the region.

Collectively, these sites illustrate African Americans’ formation of fluid cultural and racial identities, communities, religious traditions, and modes of navigating complex cultural landscapes in the region under harsh and disenfranchising circumstances. Gall is a principal senior archaeologist at RGA, Inc., in Cranbury, New Jersey, and has directed more than two hundred archaeological projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions in the past eighteen years. Veit is a professor of anthropology and chair of the Department of History and Anthropology at Monmouth University.

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