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The canines also wear more rapidly than the material, with the wear almost always on the tips.

This find showed unequivocally that these hominids were bipedal, and were not simply apes, vindicating Raymond Dart.

material represents two or more species, a sexually dimorphic species, or a very variable species (especially with regards to inter-era speculation).

The accepted view seems to be that they deserve separate species status due to both their differences from the Clarke, R.

Features of 14 has six lumbar vertebrae (whereas modern humans have five, and chimps usually have three).

With an increased number of lumbar vertebrae (the ancestral condition, as in cercopithecoids), bipedalism may have been the ancestral condition (from a very small-bodied primate? While it is very similar in morphology (relative to its size), there are also differences.

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