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She has a sarcastic personality and is known to be a misanthrope.

You might say that she has somewhat of an inferiority complex, as she looks down at her knees, sullen, and laments Envy's beauty.

While hanging out, Kim snaps a shot of Ramona's head while it's glowing and asks what it's all about. The night ends with all three of them drunk, semi-conscious on a bed, and contemplating what to major in if they want to go back to school: dating, rugby, zoological anthropology, shopping, and tequila.He also never informed Kim that he was moving to Toronto. This caused a strain between both Kim and Scott, and also Kim and Lisa.Due to that she becomes even more bitter than she already was, almost to the point of pessimism.2 when the panel shows Scott and Kim in a car and she tells him, "Listen to the song. However, the relationship ended when Scott's family moved to Toronto.It was revealed later on that the whole incident with Simon was false as Gideon had tampered with Scott's memories by "spicing them up." In reality, Simon was just a "Chinese kid" who hugged Kim once and that Scott had beaten up in order to date Kim.

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