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Topics include hurricane history in the Gulf Coast, the geologic setting of the area affected by Hurricane Katrina, the science of the storm, the storm surge and flooding in New Orleans and the damage incurred by Hurricane Katrina.Hurricanes are not uncommon occurrences along the Gulf and Atlantic coast.

There are several possible interpretations of this increase in Atlantic hurricane activity, including natural climatic cycles and warmer ocean temperatures in the North Atlantic.This wetland flooding is often considered to be a natural means of absorbing floodwaters and thus floodwater does not continue to flow downstream.Where natural levees are heightened and maintained in order to provide flood protection, the floodwater cannot leave the river channel.They typically strike promontories rather than bays or inlets.Since 1950, there have been two Category Five storms and seven Category Four storms.

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Thus, the adjacent wetlands (also called a backswamp) do not receive periodic inputs of sediment and floodwater.

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