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The object only returns data in the context of that call. It will not surface objects that are not normally available to the page.

Use YAML to return objects in the context of an entire page.

Stencil Utils is a utility library that contains the Big Commerce Stencil Events system and other functions that make building a theme with the Stencil framework a breeze.

At your disposal on SPRemote Event Properties you have after Properties and before Properties, found by doing this: And those were the key to the problem: how to act on the firing only when the user changes something and not when it updates itself?

By comparing the values in the before Properties with the after Properties I could see if they contained a difference.

If it doesn’t, the updating event should not happen again.

This is a strong evidence of such a possible exception.

One piece of additional information: certain bind fields in the formview's edit template are optionally set to invisible during the course of editing.

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