Intimidating repent

You might try to use his tactics on him because that's the only language he seems to speak. The best thing you can do is focus on taking care of yourself and walk away.And if you're putting down boundaries about violence, forget about trying to be nice when you're doing it.The next time someone tries to intimidate me or cannot work through conflict non-violently, I'm going to tell him about my boundary, and if he crosses it again, I'm going to have to leave.

Being afraid of the person I loved over and over again almost destroyed me, and I still have a long way to go to heal from it.

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Just over 15 months after losing their charismatic founder, Bill Hybels, to a sexual misconduct scandal, Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago publicly closed the chapter on their flawed former leader while urging him to “repent” as needed.

Because you want to protect yourself and diffuse his anger, you agree to his terms.

When there's no apparent reason for the rage, the target feels like she must have done something wrong; she cannot think of any other explanation.

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