Internet dating faq

If two people say “Yes” to seeing each other again, we will let them know immediately.

They can then choose from “exchange contact details” or “organise a dream date.” Both are included in the sign-up fee.

You and your team partner will go together from bar to bar.

Will it create more relevant and perfect matches compared to other dating apps?

In practice, the age groupings do not always work out as above.

This is because some participants indicate a false age when they sign up and/or because some participants explicitly request to be assigned to a different age group. We cannot guarantee that it will always be 3 men to 3 women at each table.

Bear in mind the 4 other people that will be affected, too, as well as those at your 3 tables in your 3 bars.

But besides that, why would you want to miss out on such a fun evening? Groups of 3 people of the same gender isn’t possible for one team.

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