How to figure him out men dating

Here are some reasons why he may be doing this and what it means.If you’ve known him for awhile or have been dating him; he expresses his disappointment or hurt by ignoring you.He is methodical and slow but steady and gets things done.Keep that in mind if you don’t hear from him for a few hours.He is one that gives the silent treatment as a punishment until you understand what you’ve done.In the case of not knowing him that well and he’s ignoring you then perhaps you did something he didn’t like without knowing it or he just isn’t into you and doesn’t want to waste his time.As ridiculous as it may seem; sometimes the Taurus man ignore you because he likes you. He is one that is of the school of thought that he shouldn’t have to pursue someone he likes.

It’s the ultimate kiss off and Taurus men are good at it. This is one of his many dirty little secrets, and now I’m giving you access to 30 Dirty Little Secrets About Your Taurus Man, so you can grab your FREE copy here.So it really depends on if he’s given you any other signs as far as if it this case or if it’s the case of you’ve done something that made him mad or upset.You’re going to have to read into his body language to be able to tell the difference.They want to see you take the action and prove to them you’re sorry or that it won’t happen again.This man doesn’t like divulging his feelings when he’s hurt or mad.

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It’ll help you a lot to truly figure him out better and stop guessing, but actually KNOW for a fact what’s going on in his stubborn mind.

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