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Cyrus is soon seen wearing her old engagement ring, and the relationship is officially back on. But at the time we were going in different directions, and it’s just what needed to happen,” Liam tells .

“We were both super young, and it was a good decision at the time—we both needed that.” He even hints at the reconciliation: “People will figure it out; they already have≥.

I’m sick of quadruple threats,” Cyrus tells the magazine.

“I remember telling her I admire women in a different way. But she believes in me more than she believes in any god. And she has.” Cyrus is also spotted at events like New York Fashion Week. By fall, however, Cyrus is borrowing a costume from Hemsworth for Halloween, and rumors of a reunion heat up.

In September, Cyrus unfollows Hemsworth on Twitter, right before official confirmation that the couple’s engagement is indeed off.

“I don’t think I realized what 19 truly is, and I got engaged at 19, and I definitely wouldn’t change being engaged.

I'm going to find the Hemsworth younger brother and see what’s up." At that point, Bickmore suggested the newly-single Liam Hemsworth, but it didn't seem like the singer/rapper had any interest in him. On Monday (August 12), the star addressed his feelings on the split, which comes nearly eight months after their late 2018 marriage. Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward," the 29-year-old star wrote via social media.

As you know, Cyrus and Hemsworth shocked fans when word spread that the pair separated.

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