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The premise is that you’ll have at least one big thing in common with these other people—and they’re likely to be truthful about their musical preferences, unlike these common dating profile lies.

The Event Matchmaker option takes things a step further, letting you see which local concerts members plan to attend, so you can go together or meet up at the event.

Here’s how it works: Before the party, you wear a T-shirt for three days straight, and then seal it in a plastic bag with a number you’re assigned.

At the get-together, you sniff shirts of the opposite sex until you find one you like.

Schreffler’s on the fence about her experience since it took nearly two months for the site to match her.

However, she admits, “I do oddly resemble my current boyfriend, so there must be something to it.” Kelly, a single in Atlanta, was matched faster but says getting to know her match “was slower because there aren’t profiles with information on the person like other sites have.”Tawkify was created for those who don’t want an online profile for fear a colleague or friend will see it.

While the days of creating an online dating profile or swinging by a speed dating event aren't over, companies have had to get more creative to attract users. You can now sniff out your soul mate by smelling dirty laundry (yes, really), find singles within a 100-yard radius of your location right this minute and more.

Click through for the scoop on the 10 wackiest ways to find your match.

Taste allows you to import your “Likes” from Facebook, upload your profile or simply type in a list of your favorite artists to see singles who share your taste.

The night before your date, Grouper tells you your match’s name and where to meet—and that’s it (it is a blind date, after all).

You each bring two same-sex friends (who don’t have to be single) so that you meet as a group of six; then, check in with the bar host or hostess to meet the gang.

One problem: “You need a matchmaker/fairy godmother type swishing around the room making introductions,” says Laura Schreffler, author of While you likely never thought you’d find your match by sniffing unlaundered shirts, the hosts behind pheromone parties say science is on their side.

Pheromones have been shown to affect attraction in the animal kingdom, and the phenomenon may carry over to humans.

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