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The 1851 census was the first to give exact ages and places of birth – or, at least, as far as people were aware of these themselves.To ensure privacy, the information from each census is closed for a period of 100 years.

For many people, it is natural human curiosity, for others a need for some kind of escapism from the routine of everyday life, or perhaps a search for identity and a desire to learn more about our make-up, to discover who we are and where we have come from.

Copy as many photographs as you can, noting where the originals were seen, and the names of those portrayed.

See what documentation exists among various members of your family.

The entries in the indexes are listed alphabetically by surname and the forename. Microfiche sets can be found at some record offices and major libraries around the country, where they can be checked free of charge (We have a set covering 1837-1950 at the History Centre).

Within the last few years, several websites have begun to offer searchable, digital images of the index pages.

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If there are copies of old birth, death and marriage certificates, this will save you spending money on getting further copies of them.

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