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When a relationship ends it can feel like the end of the world for most of us.

Sadly, in Western cultures today, sexual activity is not only seen as a normal part of dating, it is often expected to be a part of the relationship.

Unfortunately, dating is often not seen as a step leading to marriage.

How can you negotiate the seemingly uncharted waters of dating in a Christian manner?

The series generated hundreds of comments from readers who found themselves in a similar place.But the Bible doesn’t mention the modern concept of dating.So what does God say about our relationships before we get married?Cultural norms have changed dramatically in recent years.In many circles dating has come to mean that a couple is involved in an exclusive romantic relationship with the understanding that they are committed to one another.

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  1. It’s almost expected that you’ll forever rely on a lexicon, grammar tables and commentaries in order to use Greek. You learn the alphabet, some core vocabulary and enough familiarity to navigate a lexicon.