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According to CNET, there is 250 million machine to machine connections, so the GSMA data showing 8.6 Billion mobile connections most certainly shows that machines have overtaken man on our planet.It was certainly enough for us to get a kick out of, we hope you enjoyed this research summary.For example, in the US the manufacturers control 79.22% of the market where 71.5% of American mobile subscribers have a smartphone.By the end of 2018, the global split between smartphone and cell phone is expected to surpass 50%.

The stat counter data from June 2017-2018 shows significant market share figures from Apple (53.65%) and Samsung (25.57%) which combine to almost 80% of the smartphone market.It’s important to state that not every person in the world has a mobile device.We’re talking mobile connections that come from people with multiple devices, and a fraction with dual SIM’s or other integrated devices like cars.If you’re looking to find out how many phones are in the world, this interactive map and data table below demonstrates the top 50 global markets for smartphones forecasted in 2015-2020.The penetration figures are calculated through the population and individuals within that market that interact with a smartphone on a monthly basis e.g.

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Americans have become fully connected to digital information via these increasingly addictive mobile devices. smartphone figures from Newzoo at 71.5%, this 2018 survey data shows a slightly higher smartphone penetration in the U. at 77% The greatest contrasts are presented where age, income and education are surveyed.

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