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We’re fine on our own, so we won’t leave our comfort zones for anyone.

Sometimes we even find minor and trivial reasons not to because we’re secretly happy with things just the way they are. Almost relationships and no strings attached sex are the millennial versions of commitment.

When we were younger, romantic relationships seemed so much simpler.

If we liked someone, we told them — and if they felt the same, we got together.

These days, things are endlessly more complicated and frustrating, and dating as a millennial is seriously screwed up. If we’re no longer interested in someone, we don’t need to tell them — we simply stop responding.

We feel entitled to walk around acting like complete losers with the expectation that the way it’s received is a reflection of the person we dump our stuff on and nothing to do with the fact that we were the cruel ones. We’re all so confused by our own pasts, and with heaps of more stuff constantly being added to the pile, we’re all becoming more and more jaded than ever before.

We don’t even trust that love exists anymore because all we’re constantly met with disappointment.

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