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But forget reminiscing and bring yourself back to the present day; no doubt you’ll find your inbox filled with spam and your first thought is to delete or ignore most messages.As a salesperson, the last thing you want your prospect to do is to hit ‘delete’ on your well-crafted email.Are you available for a brief call at (TIME OPTIONS)?Kind regards, (YOUR NAME) (YOUR JOB TITLE) (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL) Hi (FIRST NAME), I’m trying to figure out who is in charge of (LEADING GENERAL STATEMENT) at (COMPANY).But, if you are wondering how to write a sales email of your own, always consider a few key points.

It didn’t matter what it said, it was an email sent to you by another person – this was some kind of witchcraft and obviously, you were going to read it (in full).Are you free for a chat (TIME OPTIONS) about (TOPIC)?All the best, (YOUR NAME) (YOUR JOB TITLE) (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL) Hi (FIRST NAME), My name is (NAME) with (COMPANY). I wanted to learn how you handle (THINGS YOUR COMPANY HANDLES) at (COMPANY NAME) and show you what we’re working on.I will attempt to call you again on (DATE) at (TIME) if you are happy for me to do so.Kind regards, (YOUR NAME) (YOUR JOB TITLE) (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL) Hi (FIRST NAME), I’m writing to follow-up on my previous email as I didn’t hear back from you.

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I know that (YOUR PRODUCT) will be able to help (NAME OF YOUR COMPANY) (INSERT HIGH LEVEL BENEFIT HERE). Thank you, (YOUR NAME) (YOUR JOB TITLE) (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL) Hi (FIRST NAME), I tried to get in touch with you earlier today but you were (ADD REASON WHY YOU DIDN’T SPEAK).

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