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Secondly, the customer service representative was extremely understanding, resolved my issue satisfactorily with professionalism and respect.

Since the dawn of civilization, communication has been a route to power.

Email has only been around for about 30 years but it has become a battlefield for marketers against individuals who seek to keep prying eyes at bay.

While some of the Millennial generation have strayed from emailing to relying solely on texting, much value remains in obtaining email addresses.

Hackers have penetrated the firewalls at several large companies, stealing email addresses and personal information of subscribers and users by the millions.

But many other companies willingly sell much of that information to third-party marketers without making it clear whether you have an option to deny that exchange of your personal information.

There are plenty of reasons to keep a personal email address as private as possible: spam, viruses, and other malware.

Once the more nefarious messages are received on your computer they can do much harm to your system, including allowing ransomware to lock up your files until you pay to have access returned.

I would be happy to refer your company to family and friends.Recognize spam emails in your inbox easily and learn more about anonymous messages.People Smart checks blacklist databases to see if an email has been reported as spam or blocked from sending messages.Google’s Gmail was notorious for scanning the email of users in order to target marketing at those people.Several lawsuits, including one for wiretapping, made them promise to cease the practice in 2017.

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