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and is often seen as showing his first tentative steps in laying out some of the themes and motifs with which he would later deal in more detail; for example, it is the first of his plays in which a heroine dresses as a boy.

The play deals with the themes of friendship and infidelity, the conflict between friendship and love, and the foolish behaviour of people in love.

Julia, however, acts coyly, embarrassed to admit that she likes him.Lucetta then produces a letter; she will not say who gave it to her, but teases Julia that it was Valentine's servant, Speed, who brought it from Proteus.Julia, still unwilling to reveal her love in front of Lucetta, angrily tears up the letter.He begs his best friend, Proteus, to come with him, but Proteus is in love with Julia, and refuses to leave.Disappointed, Valentine bids Proteus farewell and goes on alone.

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