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Interview with Alan Freed, WNEW-TV, October 2, 1958; 3.

The Ed Sullivan Show December 1, 1957 with "That'll Be the Day"; 2.

While managing a K-Mart and a 1950s memorabilia mail-order business, in 1975 he launched the Buddy Holly Memorial Society and its quarterly journal .

BHMS hosted its first convention two years later with a Crickets reunion concert.

This KILL LIST is an attempt to document the names and other particulars of the casualties in the Duterte administration’s war on crime; it will be updated every Monday and Thursday.

But still: 30 deaths have been added since the last update on February 6.

A, postmarked Barranquilla Colombia, brown cinco centavos Correos de Colombia - Café Suave - printed by Waterlow and Sons LTD of Grace Line, Santa Paula, empty envelope mailed to and from Mr. Interview with dj Red Robinson, Vancouver, Canada, October 3,1967; 2. Michael Reed “The Girl With the Golden Braids” (Promenade Hit 13 A and B, scratched), Promenade Orchestra and Chorus: 1.

Newscast about plane crash, Mason City, February 3, 1959 (MCA copy 1 of 2), Buddy Holly: The Collectors Buddy Holly S Promo 19 A: 1.

Commercial recordings make up the bulk of the audio-visual holdings, except for some rare rockabilly cuts and interview tapes with surviving stars of rock and roll.

(Many interviews are transcribed.) One feature is the vast number of Buddy Holly cover song recordings. Some archival collections may be housed in storage outside of the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library building.

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LAMENTATION A weeping Jennelyn Olaires hugs partner Michael Siaron, 30, a pedicab driver and alleged drug pusher, who was shot and killed by motorcycle-riding gunmen near Pasay Rotonda on Edsa.

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