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Outside the franchise, Grint has acted in the films “Thunderpants” (2002), “Driving Lessons” (2006), “Cherrybomb” (2009) and “Wild Target” (2010).In his spare time, Grint enjoys drawing, playing golf and watching soccer, His other interests include swimming, football, listening to music and playing the guitar.Rupert Grint is better at avoiding the spotlight than Harry Potter is with the Death Eaters (nearly), which might be why Hogwarts fans are only just finding out about his long-term girlfriend, Georgia Groome.

Because Ron is on the run with Harry and Hermione, Ginny is forced to go into hiding with her family, but she returns to school before the Battle of Hogwarts takes place.Ginny has "given up on Harry months ago" in Order of the Phoenix,[30], and it is revealed that she has a boyfriend, Michael Corner, whom she met at the Yule Ball. and is one of five members who join Harry during his attempt to rescue Sirius Black from the Department of Mysteries.When Umbridge punishes Harry with a "lifetime" Quidditch ban, Ginny replaces him as Gryffindor Seeker. During the last part of the book, Ginny breaks up with Michael because of his sulking over Ravenclaw losing the Quidditch Cup final to Gryffindor, and starts dating Dean Thomas.He began acting in school productions and joined a local theater group called Top Hat Stage and Screen School. In the third book, I like all the bits about Scabbers being an Animagus and I like that Ron gets an owl.” Rupert Grint A huge fan of J. Rowling's “Harry Potter” book series, Rupert Grint decided to audition for the role of Ronald Weasley.Rupert was educated in a Roman Catholic primary school before attending Richard Hale School, a boys' school in Hertford. Eddie the Eagle “I am the biggest 'Harry Potter' fan; I even was before I knew there was going to be a film. For his audition, he made a video of himself dressed up as his female drama teacher while rapping about his desire to play Ron in the film.

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