Depredating feral hogs stoner dating australia

He and the neighbors, from what I'm told are all for killing hogs, the neighbors are all old time farmers who settled down and just raise cattle and don't actively try and kill the hogs due to age, so the population in the area has exploded.

My question is, according to Texas law, as land agents acting with permission of responsibility of the land, we are technically allowed to kill hogs with out a Texas permit correct? Are we allowed to act as land agents and kill this invasive species without permit?

My friends uncle said he would put out corn on the feeders.

The landowner is really determined to stop the destruction of his land, but would corn feeders throw up a "were hunting" flag, is it even allowed?

Maybe spread some more dry koolaid out around you hunting area.

I don't think they will turn a blind eye to the government or say "go ahead and kill them all!Trip isn't for a couple months, still planning and getting financial things in order.I'm in Dallas, if you want some help, lemme know.Call the game warden to let him know you'll be out hunting, it's not really open season for much game, so a lot of hunting-type sounds might get his attention in a bad way. You can also bait hogs, and you can bait most game animals (not bird though) on private property.There are no permits to hunt hogs, but you need a hunting license.

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