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I didn’t date a guy in just any fraternity, I dated the president of all fraternities, and heck I even dated the homecoming king.I didn’t talk to just any guy in the bar or club, I wanted to be the girl with the DJ.Another way of accomplishing the same goal is by getting myself into impossible or hopeless situations from the beginning, that way the relationship had no way of working.

It made me sad every time they would joke, but I would never tell.

I would start to like someone just before they left for a big trip, or when they were moving half way across the country, because I knew they would have to go and it would be easier to say goodbye and keep in touch, then to break up.

I even would start to date people at work, because I always had the excuse of the job to end it.

It is easier to end something then to take the next step.

How could I possibly attempt a commitment like marriage, when half of America is divorced and many of them don’t even have to deal with an illness on top of regular normal marriage issues?

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