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If 1 or 2 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Beam, and Block. The third opponent will only attack on Card 1 if you're at 0 energy. (Normal) Gin: While Sara is up, gives her back 1 health after each opponent. (Normal) Sou: Reveals the correct weapon in advance. (Normal) Nao: Gives warning 1 second before signal. (Normal) Alice: Warns 1 second before enemies turn. (Stacks with Kanna's ability.) The enemies increase in number as you finish each lever, so getting all the bars near full before finishing one will mean you need to deal with the additional enemies less. (Stacks with Nao's ability.) Sou: Increases charge speed. (Easy) [Warning: Reko can't be picked for this game after Day 2, Noon.] Alice: One extra health.

A short demo for the upcoming Chapter 3, Part One was released at Comiket 96. Most partner bonuses are for when you're controlling that partner, so I only note when this is not the case (i.e.

Talk to everyone (using Extract) as they're available to get their introductions. Check the right stuffed animals in the Pink Room for Dummy Bullets. " from the Central Hall), check the vending machine to find a Cigar. Check the doll sitting on the chair up top for the Revolver, and talk to Keiji for the Live Bullets. The correct statements to object to are "got no experience," "leave it to Keiji," "got confidence," "puttin' everything on Sara," and "shootin' her own friend." You should save before starting in case of a game over. Use the Tools on the now-bloody floor tile on the left. Hang up the Painting (the one from the Red Room, picturing a man) just to the right of the gun painting on the left side. Hang them back up in the opposite positions: the one labeled "Left" on the right side, the one labeled "Right" on the left side. Go down to the Blue Room and take the doll you find there. Go down to the Cafeteria, unlock the door, and enter the Kitchen. Each attraction has a choice between three partners that offer different bonuses, effectively serving as difficulty levels.

In the war of words, you need at least 3 rebuttals to win favor. (If you lose the Dart by throwing it, it reappears in the Cafeteria.) Once you have all the limbs, go to the Back of Cafeteria, open the door, and attach the parts to the torso. Use the Tools (Flathead Screwdriver) to open the box on the right for an Allen Wrench. In the mirror room, place the Bath Stopper on the left scales to balance them. This means that "normally," you have to do every attraction to reach 10 - however, you can accept an extra Clear Chip from the Room of Lies, and buy two more from the shop, letting you skip a few attractions. (If you talked to Nao last, you have to leave and come back.) Touch the screen.

Don't feel pressured to buy it; to my knowledge, Chapter 3, Part One will be released to the public as usual once fully complete. The demo is available to purchase from Dwango JP Store. Sara: At 2 health, memorizes the first 3 or 4 moves (3 for first two opponents, 4 for third). Kanna: Partial memorization - remembers the first couple moves, a random amount up to half of the total number. As either character, can touch icon to have her perfectly recall moves a single time.

An optional and easily-avoidable bad ending involving mindbreak. However, I will say that it is pretty short, though Nankidai intends to update it with more at a later date. If you're using a laptop touchpad or having trouble with rapid clicking, it's recommended you go into Options and enable Minigame Auto-Click, which modifies all minigames to remove most of the clicking.

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Check the hanging sandpaper to whittle the key down, and use the green key on the lock. With all four tools collected, use the Tools to remove the painting from the wall. You can also buy the Easy Ticket from the Prize Exchange for 10 tokens to make the games easier. Go to the Long Stairs and check the vending machine.

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