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First we chatted online, then we talked on the phone and then we decided to meet for dinner.

I was surprised that I didn’t first insist on grabbing a cup of tea. I got confirmation the moment I saw him in person that we were meant to be together. I not only felt safe with him, but I felt invigorated to meet a man with so much class. I never dreamt to find someone with whom I would share so many things together. We got married in May of 2014 and are currently looking for a house to buy so we can start a family.

Online dating has changed my outlook on where love can be found.

I definitely hit the jackpot with Rebecca and feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

This notion is true when men or any partner thinks that their partner is their belonging, and that IS WRONG .

No other person on Earth is your belonging and they can choose to be with anyone but many people do not think in that way and it’s also very natural to feel sad, uncomfortable, depressed to see your ex with someone else. A primate is supposed to feel sad, depressed and go haywired when they see their potential mate with someone else that’s because their chance of procreation and to pass on gene is gone or reduced.

It was not long until Rowan’s profile came to my attention.

Something in me fluttered and the moment I saw him I knew we were meant to be together.

We chatted online for several weeks, talked on the phone and then decided to meet in person.We had both been single for several years, focusing on our careers and neither of us were not really out there in the dating world.After I hit 30 I knew I needed to change some things in my life, especially on the dating front.And then came a time when she broke apart and left.I wasn’t just left with a broken relationship but with a broken heart and shattered dreams.

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)Anyway, I do not feel that my ex is my possession or my slave but I would feel sad or depressed to see her with someone else. I was trained, unintentionally, to find the “One” for me to have a life with and to grow wrinkly together as we age.

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