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Most speaker manufacturer codes common in Fender Guitar & Bass amplifiers and cabs are as follows: 67 = EMINENCE (this is a two digit manufacturer code) 73 = JBL (2 digit code) 137 = CTS 220 = JENSEN 285 = ROLA 328 = UTAH 391 = ALTEC LANSING 433 = CLEVELAND 465 = OXFORD 649 = ELECTRO-VOICE 1098 = PYLE (another 4 digit code) Hope that helps! OK the numbers I came up with on the speakers were: 023119 465-808 12T6-9 Then on the wood frame of the cabinet was FO11368 So if I'm reading this right it would be 8th week of 1968 and the speakers are Oxford. I wonder if there is a cabinet code because mine ended in "68" Also there was a number on the bottom of the outside cabinet "P37277" JPMac That is what I would say about the speakers.465 = Oxford Last 2 digits 08 is the week so 8th week and 8 is left to be 1968. I really don't know about the cabinet stamp ending in "68" for sure but that would almost be too much of a coincidence to not mean it was made in 68.Or take two of the 4 ohm speakers and wire them in series for a 8 ohm load if that is what the amp likes.It just all depends on the amp you want to use with the cab.Once you know that then you can start speaker shopping.There are a wide variety of speakers even within the same brand.The regular Delta-12LFA is heavier but handles even more power at 500 watts each. Some people really like the Beyma 12G40 speakers and if money is no object, they are awesome.

If using it with a moderate power amp up to about 300 watts you could look at the Eminence BASSLIGHTS.So if the only number you have left to work with is a "5" for example that means the speaker could have been made in 1955 or 1965.Starting in 1970 they began using TWO digits for the year so it is way easy. However Fender models and cosmetics changed significantly between the 50's and 60's so sorting that out is fairly easy.For example Eminence makes a bunch of different 12 inch speakers.Knowing what power your amp will have and what impedance load that amp likes will lead you toward the correct speaker choice. So two of the 8 ohm speakers could be wired up parallel for 4 ohm load if you need 4 ohms.

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Before going there know that advances have been made in cab tuning and porting since these cabs were designed. So while you can load modern speakers it will still have a different tone from modern cabs with a horn.

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