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Consequently, documents pertaining to Whiting & Davis bags afford the most solutions to the mysteries of mesh.

The trail of clues leading up to the introduction of painted mesh bags begins with the appearance of plain ring mesh around the turn of the century.

Following this development, the number of companies producing mesh bags gradually began to dwindle.

After further refinement and improvement in the productivity of mesh machines, Whiting & Davis finally had the means to produce large quantities of these popular and affordable fashion accessories.

It consisted of a series of cruciform links called spiders that were joined by metal rings.During this time many companies produced handmade mesh bags.However, making mesh and mesh bags by hand was very slow.No single company was able to produce enough bags to supply the market on a national scale.In 1909, under the direction of Charles Whiting, A. Pratt invented the first automated machine for making ring mesh fabric.

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