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The series stars a 28-year-old divorcee named Annie who decides to explore her sexuality and expand her relatively vanilla horizons by dating couples looking for a third.

But missing from the show’s premise is a darker truth to the concept of the unicorn. As any bisexual woman who’s spent time on a dating app knows, she’s a fantasy come to life, a person willing to show up for a night of excitement and quietly disappear immediately after, a third who’ll ignite a couple’s passions without complicating their emotions.

A unicorn is a creature who’ll bring all the sexy fun without creating any drama, baggage, or need for emotional work—and the reason she’s called a unicorn is because, quite frankly, she doesn’t exist.

What does exist, however, are leagues of unicorn hunters: couples on the prowl for the girl of their dreams, the one who’ll bring their fantasies to life without asking anything in return.

Holly’s an open-minded, adventurous sort, interested in exploring all sorts of kinks and adventures, particularly with other people who are as queer as she is. Being the third in a random heterosexual couple’s threesome. Despite the fact that Holly explicitly notes that she’s very particular about her group sex experiences, she still gets message after message from couples who clearly haven’t read her dating profile, desperately hoping that they’ve finally found their unicorn.

The term is a familiar one to bisexual women like myself — and it may become known to a wider audience thanks to a new web series called Unicornland, which offers a celebratory vision of what it’s like to be a woman seeking adventure in the arms of couples.

I see all the other comments from other couples looking for the same situation let me tell you there is probably more chance of you winning the lottery.

They were monogamous for a long time, but ended up making friends with many polyamorous people, and it turned into quite a normal thing in their social circle. Seek out your local poly groups, sure, and go to poly cons.

He told Business Insider he's not aware of a situation where a male-female couple actively seeking a bi woman has worked out well. Lively, thoughtful, socially unconventional friends. But this is not about finding a hole-filler for your marriage.

Sometimes couples try out polyamory naively, especially when a straight couple wants to find another bi woman to join them.

This is called "unicorn hunting," and it's something of a cliché in the poly community. But it's not as simple as finding a third person you both fancy. Elisabeth Sheff, expert witness, speaker, and coach of polyamory and author of The Polyamorists Next Door, straight couples often come into the polyamorous community expecting to find a bi woman to join them.

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