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There was a simple reason for this seemingly Draconian behaviour in that the manufacture of silver and gold was allied to the minting of currency.Therefore, by debasing silver or gold, the offender was undermining the coin of the realm.A false silver hallmark has always been treated with the utmost severity by the law and in the past a silversmith was pilloried for their first offence, where they would be pelted with rotten fruit and vegetables.If they offended again, a limb would be hacked off and, until the 1720’s, the death penalty was the usual sentence meted out to persistent offenders.The hallmarking of Irish silver began towards the middle of the 17th century.The mark of origin is the Harp Crowned and it appears with a date letter and maker’s mark. Simply learn to recognise those Antique Silver Hallmarks.

Bamboo symbolizes resilience - it remains green in the winter.

Each piece is in the form of a portion of the trunk of the bamboo - a style popular in the Art Deco period of the early 20th century.

Finely repousse worked bamboo leaves decorate the "log" bodies.

This mark became crowned in 1478 and remained crowned until 1821.

Since 1821, the uncrowned leopard’s head has remained as the distinguishing mark of London.

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