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Dubugras and Franceschi not only had a big network of startup entrepreneurs in their Rolodex, but they had the fintech acumen necessary to build a credit card business designed specifically for founders.

It simplifies a lot of the frustrating parts of corporate expenses by providing companies with a consolidated look at their spending.

I think you can have maybe two projects and handle them.

Trying to juggle several gets quite stressful and feels stupid at times.

I’d work on it some, but never full time all the time, and it quit growing.

But I fell into the startup world instead with this new found freedom.

And don’t get me wrong, I totally love the startup world, but I could have just focused on growing the screen printing business, and I’d probably have more money today if I had.

The startups never individually got a ton of focus so they never made a ton of money. So I needed more money and now I’m helping a local business buddy bring his company’s internal tool to market as a standalone Saa S, and it’s a steady part time gig with salary and equity.

But it’s all too much, because having multiple projects is kind of awful.

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