Dating someone who has a boyfriend

Understanding one's triggers is something that takes time and can be worked on in therapy. Avoiding social interaction can become an ingrained habit.It's important for someone with PTSD to remember that it's not their "fault." This is a mental health condition and it needs treatment-- the same way a broken arm or other physical health condition needs treatment.If this happens, remember that it's important for the person who doesn't have PTSD to set boundaries.Your feelings are valid and you do not have to tolerate being treated in a manner that is unkind or even abusive.

Sometimes they struggle to communicate how they're feeling.

The person will recover at their own pace, and with the help of a trained professional, they can learn to live a better life.

It's important that you remember to take care of yourself while encouraging your significant other to get the help they need.

No one has endless patience, energy, or strength, and there's nothing noble about being a martyr for another person's sake.

Occasionally, a person who is trying to help someone with PTSD will need to take a step back and deal with his or her own feelings.

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