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The music gained popularity in America with the arrival of Yiddish speaking immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, assimilating jazz elements into the mix.Wild-spirited and haunting, it’s music that makes you want to dance.Since he's traveled all over the globe (including the U.S, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Germany, the list goes on!" While backpackers commonly don't like to spend too long in one place, I'm lucky enough that my backpacker boyfriend is happy to live in Dunedin while I study.

Well, in my defense, we were in a noisy bar, and he said "bro" more times than I could count. He told me about his first encounter with New Zealand.

We went camping at Twelve Mile Delta, where we floated in the middle of a lake on a dingy boat drinking beers and soaking up the sun.

We went on The Earnslaw and laughed at all the tourists as they watched in amazement as a sheep was shorn (it's funny how much the sheep amused them).

However, the best thing about dating one is how much I've come to appreciate New Zealand.

A year ago while I was a fresher adjusting to uni life (studying, clubbing, being broke, and repeat), my boyfriend had landed in New Zealand and was adjusting to kiwi life.

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