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If a unified conception of present research on the mechanisms of mate selection existed, a broader definition and scope of attraction could be developed.

This would promote collaborative investigation and aid in a holistic understanding of how both the human mind and body work.

What society has considered beautiful or attractive in the past is not necessarily what is considered beautiful in the present.

Attraction and beauty are not constant ideas, but rather fluctuating concepts based on popular culture and social norms.

That being said, the information humans receive through olfaction is incredibly important when looking for a mate.

Attraction is a complex idea with definitions in multiple fields of the social and biological sciences.

These scent profiles, in conjunction with other biochemical processes, such as the production of chemosignals and pheromones, increase levels of sexual responsiveness between well-matched individuals and maximize the potential for successful mating1, 6, 9, 10.

The neuroendocrine system, which controls hormonal releases, works in tandem with these biological mechanisms, using systematic chemical cascades in the brain to further increase feelings of love and attraction 4, 8, 11.

But, what if attraction is not an enigmatic, inexplicable process?

What if there are underlying scientific principles that govern who people are attracted to, and what if there is a logical and reasonable explanation for who they consider to be their perfect mate?

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