Dating older women in nigeria

Having brought sunshine to an old man in his sunset years before he gets equally yoked with his ancestors, you deserve it.

Clubbing, excessive partying, alcohol is considered highly indecent for a Nigerian wife while the white woman considers them a sort of get-away.

At a certain age, a man begins to wear his heart on his sleeve, he becomes predictable and tolerable. They are less demanding, more family-oriented and grasp more deeply the meaning of settling down.

For the conservative women or those who cannot handle the hullabaloo that comes with dating young guys, these are the kind of men for you. This does not imply being rich; rather, they have perfected the art of saving for rainy days. Okay, so what if one stands to gain some monetary buoyancy?

The perks that come with dating and marrying an older man (if you are lucky) can stretch from here to Timbuktu.

These men are not easily intimidated by women of strong character if anything; they have just the arsenal to tame them without bruising their ego. A woman’s independence is indeed an older man’s pride.

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