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Today, we analyze three dating apps that have made it big using native ads and other methods:, founded in 1993, is probably the oldest and biggest company on the list.

When the World Wide Web became popular, it was one of the first few sites that helped people hook up.

” For a single guy who’s just seen an attractive woman, this is probably the best CTA you can use at the top of a lengthy form.

There’s even a screenshot of the profile on the side to keep the leads motivated!

They’ve spent around .5 million dollars here: They’ve put more money on topic homepages than on individual posts.

For example, the finance, style, automobile, and sports sections have been pumped with a lot of ads.

Match’s landing page is their website itself, with the profiles of singles listed on it.

These are male-dominated pages, and we all know that men are more into dating sites than women.

It doesn’t even feel like a landing page: Each profile acts like a CTA.

When you click on a person, it takes you to the sign-up page: The header says “Register Now and Look for Free!

They’ve tried out Google Networks (5.9K), Direct Buys (5.9K), and also native ads via Yahoo Gemini (7.8K). The sudden rise of spend in January 2018 reflects their trying out Yahoo Gemini: But because they’ve not continued with Gemini, we can assume it was a failed experiment.

They’ve also toned down Direct Buys after a few initial experiments.

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They’ve also flirted a little with HTML5: The best part is that their image ads don’t look like ads at all! The ad blends really well with the website and looks more like an extension of it, with the apparent option to choose age: Here is another one, which works similarly.

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