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Allah has enjoined marriage for the believers for three basic reasons. To enable a man and a woman to live together and experience love and happiness, within Islamic law. To produce children, and provide a stable and righteous environment for their upbringing. To provide a legal union which safeguards society from moral and social degradation.The first two reasons are self-explanatory; both take into account the natural urges of human beings.There are plenty of online dating apps to choose from but what makes muzmatch unique is our exclusive focus on catering to Muslims seeking dating and marriage while adhering to their Islamic values and beliefs.We genuinely understand the importance of finding someone who shares your cultural or religious background.The Islamic law has only distinguished between two sets of rules.One pertains to God Himself, and the other to our fellow beings.It entails a heavy responsibility for both man and woman, but I find very few people realize it.

The Islamic law has made the most of it, but there are many people that do not seem to understand [the law] fully. Their case is like that of a baby who would be quite willing to barter a precious diamond for a base coin.

This prohibition includes dating, secret paramours and experimental living together.

As these are regarded as heavy sins, they carry severe penalties. As you have already read in Chapter 2, the Holy Qur’an has provided the means for maintaining chastity.

Those who do not follow my practice are not of me.” And “When a man has married, he has completed one half of his religion.” The second Khalifa (successor) to the Promised Messiah has elaborated the role of marriage in fulfilling our obligations to our fellow beings which are next only to our relations to God.

He emphasized: “It is our duty to see that it is duly respected and adhered to faithfully.

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It directs believing men and women to restrain themselves from looking at each so openly as to be sexually excited by them.

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