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I have been field collecting Cornish minerals for over forty years with several breaks while bringing up a growing family and starting my engineering business. It is not my aim to become a fully fledged mineral dealer as there are many other things in life to occupy my time as you will see on this site. Contact: [email protected] I am always asked what I use for cleaning iron stains from minerals and the safe answer is Iron Out or what used to be called Super Iron Out. Postage UK £4.00 Contact: [email protected] Cassiterite var Wood Tin. Also Apple has more practice with capacitive screens than Black Berry.Apple claims that the Retina display is the “sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous i Phone models.” It claims that the pixel density is so high that the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels and makes text amazingly crisp and images stunningly sharp. It may be more enjoyable to watch movies on i Phone4.Processor: The i Phone4 has 1 Ghz processor and the Torch 9800 comes with a 624 MHz processor.

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I have been lucky enough to acquire several very old collections over the years, some of the specimens from which are of no interest to me but are never the less of very high quality, some dating back to the 19th century. The fomula is identical and just an advertising decision by the manufacturers. Contact: [email protected] Rich cassiterite in the typical conglomerate matrix of rounded fragments of slate cemented with quartz and chlorite, the cassiterite is in the 35 mm wide red chlorite and ironstone vein which runs through it. A small but rich and very pretty specimen which I have cut and polished to reveal the stunning wood tin.

The time has now come for me to specialise in one area of my mineral collecting hobby with the focus on minerals from the Mid Cornwall and I will always purchase good quality specimens from this area especially those from the clay country. Contact: [email protected] A recently cut and polished on one side, specimen of cassiterite of the variety known as wood tin in quartz. Size is: 75 mm x 75 mm x 12 mm at it's thickest point and even more stunning with a little magnification. I can supply the 28oz bottles in the UK for £20 plus postage of £3.00. I use a weak solution 1 table spoon to 1 litre of water and buffer with sodium bicarbonate to bring the ph to about 7. Contact: [email protected] Cassiterite: Wheal Speed, Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Small crystals and a rich seam of cassiterite through the quartz covered matrix.

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Contact: [email protected] A cut and polished on one face, specimen collected from the water filled Droskyn Lode. Contact: [email protected] A very large plate of cassiterite crystals in quartz and topaz on a hard granite matrix. A cut and lightly polished slice115 mm x 45 mm x 5 mm Price: £40.00. Contact: [email protected] A very rich specimen of lode material from 16 Coronation lode Geevor Mine that has been cut and highly polished on one side.

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