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The production of illuminated manuscripts for use continued up to the present day.Pilgrimages to Jerusalem, where there has long been an Ethiopian clerical presence, also allowed some contact with a wider range of Orthodox art.She is often depicted with a neighbouring image of a mounted Saint George and the Dragon, who in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity is regarded as especially linked to Mary, for carrying messages or intervening in human affairs on her behalf.

Diptychs and triptychs are also commonly painted with religious icons.From the 15th century the Theotokos or Virgin Mary, with or without her Child, became increasingly popular.They used versions of a number of common Byzantine types, typically flanked by two archangels in iconic depictions.Icons are painted on a wood base support, but since about the 16th century with an intervening cloth support glued to a gesso layer above the wood.The binding medium for the paint is also animal-based glue, giving a matt finish which is then often varnished.

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