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After head butting Tiny, Travis ends up with "Brain-Lock", a condition he developed in the war, for which chugging a pitcher of beer is the only cure.Lola convinces him to drive them to Hollywood for another show. B in hot pursuit and the police right behind them all.THE SONGS THAT BUILT ROCK TOUR will see Deep Purple play shows in GLASGOW, BIRMINGHAM, MANCHESTER and LONDON.The shows will see the band performing their greatest hits along with a full blown symphony orchestra, making them unmissable and unique events.There are also cameo appearances by musicians such as Roy Orbison and Hank Williams Jr., and supporting roles played by Alice Cooper and the members of Blondie. Lola is a big Alice Cooper fan and Travis has never heard of "her".The film was marketed with the tagline "Bands make it rock... Redfish is a beer-drinking, bar-brawling, fun-loving distributor of Shiner beer. Redfish with the family salvage company, whose motto is "Everything will work if you let it! Road manager Ace and his assistant George try to talk Travis into driving them to Austin for a show to be played by Hank Williams Jr., produced by music mogul Mohammed Johnson.Soon Travis passes out and wakes up the next day in the back of a trailer carrying musical equipment.

and hit small venues in Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, before wrapping July 17 in his hometown of Pomona, California.Finally reaching New York City and locating Alice Cooper, Travis and Lola meet up with Alice Cooper at his rehearsals for a live show.Cooper performs segments of "Only Women Bleed" and "Pain".You'll be able to see what happens behind the scenes at the show, take part in putting the gig together, watch the sound check and then see the main show.It's an extraordinary once in a lifetime opportunity for one lucky listener and we'll be telling you how to get involved next Monday.

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Roadie is a 1980 film directed by Alan Rudolph about a truck driver who becomes a roadie for a traveling rock and roll show. At first, they laugh at the thought of helping the stranded motorists, but then Travis sees wannabee groupie Lola Bouliabaise smile at him through the rear window of the RV.

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