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The gorgeous actress has been in a few relationships as well.She married an American artist named Stephen Hensley in September 2008 and her co-star in the soap opera was her bridesmaid during the wedding.She belongs to mixed ethnic descent and holds American nationality.Christel also went to high school and afterwards, studied acting at the university where she featured in various plays and shows organized in her school.Michael was born on April 22, 2010, through a water birth and his godfather is Bryton James.After the couple separated, the court granted both parties equal custody over their son and they have been doing well in supporting and training him.Apparently, she’s still in the relationship and doesn’t have any plans of getting married at the moment as she is dedicated to reaching the climax of her acting career.

And now all these years later she is still my lover, best friend and mother of my children. Unlike the mess that's going on right now on ynr. [on her decision to return to Young & the Restless] Well, I had a year off to relax and do my thing; to take a break, basically.The talented actress has starred in other films and television series including Christel’s parents are of mixed ethnic origin, her dad Adnan Kahlil is of Pakistani ethnic descent while her mother Belita Edwards is an African American and mixed European descent.Christel grew up with her three older brothers and a stepsister from her dad.

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The talented actress has been outstanding since the inception of her career and has amassed a huge wealth from it.

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