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Could a combination of Linux ONE alongside a conventional z13 be the mainframe data center you really want going forward?

Dancing Dinosaur is Alan Radding, a veteran IT analyst and writer.

Meanwhile, the global cloud computing market, including cloud platforms, business services, and Saa S, will exceed 0 billion in 2019, expanding at more than 20%, the research firm predicts.

Hybrid clouds, which provide two or more cloud providers or platforms, are emerging as the preferred way for enterprises to go.

Cloud computing is poised to become a “turbocharged engine powering digital transformation around the world,” states a new Forrester report, Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing Of course, IBM didn’t wait until 2019. At a cost of billion, 10x Red Hat’s gross revenue, it had better be a game changer.

Forrester continues, predicting that in 2019 the cloud will reach its more interesting young adult years, bringing innovative development services to enterprise apps rather than just serving up cheaper, temporary servers and storage, which is how it has primarily grown over the past decade.

But one thing Oracle did say appears truly noteworthy for a computer vendor: Oracle’s long history of binary compatibility across processor generations continues with M8, providing an upgrade path for customers when they are ready. Dancing Dinosaur is Alan Radding, a veteran information technology analyst, writer, and ghost-writer.

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Linux on IBM Z (or Linux on Z for short, and previously Linux on z Systems) is the collective term for the Linux operating system compiled to run on IBM mainframes, especially IBM Z and IBM Linux ONE servers.

Similar terms which imply the same meaning are Linux on z Enterprise, Linux on z Series, Linux/390, Linux/390x, etc.

The terms z Linux or z/Linux are also sometimes used, but these terms are discouraged by IBM as they create the implication of an IBM-offered or IBM-distributed version of Linux, which is incorrect.

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Formal product announcements quickly followed in 2000, including the Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) engines.

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