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This worked fine the first time as there were only four tables. Current Workbook() in the Power Query formula bar and hit enter, you get a list of Excel Tables.But when you refresh, there are five tables in the workbook – including the new table that Power Query inserted where we have the combined data. To make sure you only get to combine the tables from the worksheet, you need to somehow filter only these tables that you want to combine and remove everything else.

Here are a few modifications you can do to the combined data in Power Query itself: The above steps would combine data from all the worksheets and give you that combined data in a new worksheet.If you look closely, you’ll find the last column (rightmost) has the name of the Excel tables (East_Data, West_Data, North_Data, and South_Data).This is an identifier that tells us which record came from which Excel Table.Here is the way to solve this – use the ‘does not equal’ filter and enter the name of the Query (which would be Consolidated Data in our example).This will ensure that everything remains the same and the resulting query table which is created is filtered out.

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Click in the Reference box, select the range A1: E4 in the district1 workbook, and click Add. Repeat step 4 for the district2 and district3 workbook. Check Top row, Left column and Create links to source data.

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