Consolidating data in excel workbooks

Name = "Master" Then Msg Box "There is a worksheet called as 'Master'." & vb Cr Lf & _ "Please remove or rename this worksheet since 'Master' would be" & _ "the name of the result worksheet of this process.", vb OKOnly vb Exclamation, "Error" Exit Sub End If Next sht Excel is my Passion and VBA Love of Life.

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You build your file and cell reference with the INDIRECT formula. With the INDIRECT formula you can link to other files.

That way, the original files remain and the INDIRECT formula only looks up the values within these files. Only condition: the source file must be open in the background. On the left hand side: The main/ combined workbook. Count) Next temp Work Sheet 'Close the source workbook source Workbook.

The next method is to copy or move one or several Excel sheets manually to another file.

Therefore, open both Excel workbooks: The file containing the worksheets which you want to merge (the source workbook) and the new one, which should comprise all the worksheets from the separate files.

For example you have 100 worksheets of data and all the worksheets has the similar structure. I like to solve and automate any possible opportunity in Excel including in combination with Office Applications (Access, Outlook, Word, Power Point, Visio, etc) and other Non-Office Applications (SAP, IE, Batch, Configuration Management Tools, etc).

All we would want is getting all the data multiple worksheets consolidated into a single worksheet. Note: All the solutions given here are published after thoroughly tested to my knowledge, however it is advised to keep a copy before you try it.

Have you ever been stuck when you have to combine multiple workbooks into a master workbook in Excel?

Then a dialog pops to remind you that all combined workbooks should be saved and the feature can't be applied to protected workbooks, please click the OK button. In the Combine Worksheets wizard, select Combine multiple worksheets from workbooks into one workbook option, and then click the Next button. In the Combine Worksheets - Step 2 of 3 dialog box, click the Add File or Folder to add the Excel files you will merge into one.

Name = x Str AWBName & "(" & x Arr(x I) & ")" Exit For End If Next x I Next x WS Workbooks(x Str AWBName). Let's see how to get this function work in combining multiple workbooks. Create a new workbook and click Kutools Plus Combine.

Sub merge Files() 'Merges all files in a folder to a main file. Close Next i End Sub The current version of Excel 365 offers the “Get & Transform” tools to import data.

'Define variables: Dim number Of Files Chosen, i As Integer Dim temp File Dialog As file Dialog Dim main Workbook, source Workbook As Workbook Dim temp Work Sheet As Worksheet Set main Workbook = Application. These functions are very powerful and are supposed to replace the old “Text Import Wizard”.

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