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I often found myself saying "when I was your age,"and I hated it. At times, I felt like I was more of a teacher then a girlfriend.I wasn't learning anything from him because I had already found the answers to my questions.An older man can make you feel protected, taken care of, young, and sexy.It's hard to hear your ticking biological clock over the sound of a refined gentleman recommending an expensive whiskey.As a girl that loves good hair, I’m delighted when a guy has healthy, thick locks.I feel crazy even putting this as the first pro, but it’s part of why a young man(e) is a good thing.Ben changed my views on younger guys — because, really, the operative word is here, not man (and, hi, I'm a woman, not a girl) — upside down, and made me see the pros and cons of dating a younger guy, like...

A lot of women I know prefer to date older men — and, hey, I get that.I don’t mean this to be ageist or cynical, but rather as realistic.Think about yourself at 19 or 20- and then think about all the people you dated or had feelings for in between.Since the imminent break up between a young man and his first love (who by default is searing competition) is typically still fresh, the younger male has a tendency to have lingering thoughts about her.Sometimes younger guys are still in the stage where they will occasionally still see their exes and reopen that same door to nowhere. Con#2– Let’s face it, the younger you are, the higher the probability is that your relationship won’t last.

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