Christian teens bible study dating purity

Furthermore, the average American How much time, then, should we devote to countering those unwholesome media messages?Most of us have seen teens roll their eyes and contort their faces; the reactions that makes parents want to either ground the kid for life or just give up. Talking to your teen about sex can be a daunting task, but research shows they do listen to their parents.

Nonetheless, we need enough accurate information to correct misconceptions our kids may have.And I think those pieces are a much safer gauge than whether they highlight passages in their Bible and show up to service every week.Is there such a thing as “too fast” in Christian dating?School health or biology classes may cover some of these subjects, and church youth groups may cover others.But don’t assume that because your teen heard something once she will remember it.

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We get a lot of questions from young Christian men and women who are “not yet married.” Their season of life awakens many desires and hopes, uncertainties and insecurities, and tricky pastoral questions.

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