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The Verge’s Megan Farokhmanesh recently paid a visit to the near derelict website to speak to the skeleton crew of spunk monkeys that are still manning their love pumps, longing for a female audience looking at penises. I briefly talked with one guy in Turkey about Bob Dylan, but mostly it was people who were just curious, goofing around, playing pranks, and lots of guys looking for “cute chicks” to talk to.

Porn with penises outnumbers without by a wide margin. The only time I saw any penii on Chatroulette was a guy who whipped it out and I got to see what a “Prince Albert” actually looked like, so that was. A very large percentage of men, gay, bi and straight, like taking pictures of their equipment and posting them on the web for anyone to see.

Travelocity simply used Chatroulette as another outlet for their increasingly social Roaming Gnome.

They simply gave him signs to hold for other viewers to see.

They randomly sang songs to and about strangers they encountered on Chat Roulette, involving their crowd of over 2,000 fans, and compiled the best parts into a Youtube video (see below). As far as the number of eyeballs reached, the Last Exorcism looks to be the most successful marketing effort that has chanced the Chatroulette ecosystem.

Borrowing some pretty terrifying computer aided imagery inspired by the new horror film, Chatroulette users thought they were chatting with an attractive young woman who was unbuttoning her shirt.

The cards share where the gnome is in a given day, where he thinks you should be, and occasionally a voice chimed in to talk as the gnome.The cost of this campaign is so little, it really cannot fail as an investment.And I can imagine it as a pretty nice oasis in the chaotic world that Chatroulette browsing. Speakers include Facebook, Linked In, Bacardi, NBC, University of Michigan, American Cancer Society, Peloton, Bombas, UPS, Betabrand, Kuerig Dr. Chatroulette is your friendly video gateway to the underbelly of the internet. When the site got global attention back in March they became one of the most visited sites on the web overnight. With all the nudity and men quickly clicking past anything that is not a pretty girl, we wonder how much depravity and rejection these marketers had to sort through to create the fun videos below. For the uninitiated, is a video chat service that matches your video with a complete stranger.

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