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The wife was still in his early twenties or younger can lead to infidelity as men, they also want sex more often, sex, or curious what it's like having sex with a man who isn't her husband.Feel yourself When a feeling that she and her husband no longer has an interest, he would find himself into an emotional affair with a man who has an interest.When my wife back in touch with mantannya, it could be that he wanted to try to feel again the passion that makes it art when still young first.KOMPAS.com- My husband is having an affair was quite a lot, but my wife is having an affair is also not a few.Consequently, the wife will find ways to reduce stress and guilt by way of an affair, her husband would leave her anyway.Bored with the sexual life The couple have been together all this time often complained that the relationship of seksualnya not sehangat once again, the fact is no more sex.Decreased sense of love that can not be denied, and it could happen, but it can be made to stay warm.

This is a form of hunger would have a relationship.

If a wife feel neglected or feel squandered by her husband, he will become brittle and easily ran into infidelity, either emotionally or physically, a man who makes her feel special and desirable.

When the relationship between the pair had already been tightened must each be trying to hurt the ego, and this will open the door to the problem.

This could encourage women to seek other ways to satisfy his desire.

Sometimes the woman having an affair because it felt there was no spontaneity in conjunction again.

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