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From Ellie’s story, it’s obvious there are benefits to aspies dating aspies.

However, that’s not the only option, and it might not be the best option for you.

I don’t like to admit defeat and I tried so hard to ignore the issues and keep my mouth shut, just going along with things.

I would go to therapists or take anti-depressants to try and ‘fix’ myself and make it work between us.

I felt something was wrong all the time and assumed it was all my fault. I suppose I assumed it wouldn’t be all that different and therefore it wasn’t worth giving up a home and potentially ‘ok’ relationship.

I felt constantly guilty that I couldn’t do things ‘right’ and I know my exes felt just as bad. I also come from a small town and didn’t know anyone else with Asperger’s/autism.

We started dating a few months later and it was so much easier than my previous relationships.

Two of his cousins also have Asperger’s and we get on amazingly well. I’m sure if we stay together then at some point there will be some disagreements as with any normal relationship, but I don’t feel as though I’m treading on egg shells this time.

I realise that even more now that I have something to compare it to.If you’re on the spectrum and looking to find a likeminded partner, there are several dating websites you can use.Try Nick Dubin is well worth a read for anyone on the autism spectrum wishing to pursue a romantic relationship.We are so much closer, because we think in the same way. I don’t feel like I’m broken or wrong any more, as he shares all of my ‘oddities’! I wish I had known how easy it is to date someone on the spectrum when I was younger.My ex has also found a non-autistic girlfriend and is much happier now, so it’s worked out well for us both.

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When you first meet someone, their differences can seem endearing and funny and you are willing to overlook certain issues and keep quiet.

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