Asian guys dating latinas

Have you ever noticed that when the bell rings for recess every kid runs out to the playground to play on their favorite playground equipment?One kid goes to his locker and pulls out his brand new basketball.Actually no, that’s what I meant at that time but in the last three years I think that’s changed.I’m not sure if that’s a reflection of me or just that as Black men and women mature they want different things.I think stereotypes about long hair, long real hair, and lighter skin do exist.

” I still find this amusing today over 20 years later.

Black women and Latinas listen up, men always think things are greener on the other side.

Black women need to own up to their street cred though, men, all men, Blacks and others think that Black women have an attitude problem.

However, speaking of myself personally, I don’t think I am. And unless you want to mash it up every weekend, your dating pool is Black women, Latinas, a couple of white women, and an occasional Asian chick.

The last Asian chick I dated was bat sh*t, and I find a lot of white women who only date Black men in clubs now-a-days. I should have never said, “I really don’t think Black women like me.” That was stupid and not really what I meant.

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