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But, People magazine is reporting that all the smoochin’, flirtin’, mama drama and good ol’ fashioned douchebaggery was for naught as Antonio has a new love he met just after the show finished filming.

Well, perhaps the Hawaii-based show wasn’t for naught, because his new gal pal is island native Cheryl Moana Marie, an aspiring singer-songwriter and all-around hottie: Sabato introduced Cheryl as “my girlfriend” at the Hollywood Christmas Parade Sunday, a relationship that started “shortly after Sabato’s show wrapped,” according to a source for People.

But then there are the celebrities who seem to crash and burn in the dating sphere over and over again.

Those ones tend to get more attention paid to their dating lives for various reasons.

Men can make those behaviors work in their favor by showing that they understand the dynamic.

"Basically, before taking that plunge, I wanted to know: how often are you going to see me, is it just going to be me and what are your long-term goals for me?

Barlow also addressed how she had Sabato ink a relationship contract.

While she wishes that she waited to approach him about it until their relationship was more serious, she stood by her decision to make him know she wasn't a floozy.

Here is the lovely couple arriving at the Hollywood Christmas Parade: Still haven’t had enough Cheryl? Here are some more images from her myspace page: So how does Antonio’s mom feel about the whole thing?

She was photographed with the couple at the Hollywood Christmas Parade and seems quite approving: BUT, moments later this: I suppose the maternal jury is still out.

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