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“No one understands Dre’s weirdness and she does, so they are pretty tight” says the source in Atlanta who is close to Eufaula’s camp.During the past six months, the two are said to have taken things up a notch.“Having Dre is the icing on the cake for her” says the source.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Other than a few genius-level guest appearances and an Out Kast reunion tour in 2014, rap iconoclast André Benjamin has been off in his own distant orbit for the past decade or so.Here, we make contact with 3 Stacks to talk about what he’s been doing since “Hey Ya!So if things get hectic between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, or if Indian Point starts to melt down…party at 3000’s place.We just finished a long interview session in a nearby park, and I asked if I could see this space: André pays a little extra rent for access to one of the long, narrow storage rooms down here.

Eufaula Garrett and Andre Benjamin Posted by Bossip Staff BOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Sources on the ground in Atlanta snitch to Bossip that Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000 of Outkast) despite a recent denial press release by his people, is in fact dating Eufaula Garrett, his production partner for Moxie Films which is based in Atlanta.

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” first hit.“If they drop the bomb, you got 20 minutes to get here,” says André 3000.

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