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The group reaches the other side and one gives thanks to the Lord.

The last man flounders in the water and begins to drown. As he crawls ashore, he looks back and sees Jesus walking on water.

She warns Essie about the leprechauns who are too busy guarding their gold to do anything else but they should still leave the leprechauns gifts to receive their blessings.

As Essie grows older, she continues to leave gifts for the leprechauns while passing along the tales of the merry folk to the children in the house where she works.

Another man says that it will kill them all and Anansi replies that they're already dead and might as well die in sacrifice instead of subjugation. Okoye frees the rest of the the slaves and they set fire to the ship.

Jesus raises his arms to stop the slaughtering and they shoot him, too.They arrive at the Rio Grande river and wait for nightfall to cross.A woman leads the group in prayer before they attempt the crossing.The coyote warns them that the water is deep and if they can't swim, then they should remain behind.She leads them into the water while one man lingers behind, entering last.

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It is still not enough to appease their god so they burn alive one of their own.

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